Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Sun Prairie, WI

A dishonest man spreads strife, and a whisperer separates close friends.

Proverbs 16:28

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Good Shepherd Episcopal Church

3416 Swansee Ridge
Sun Prairie, WI 53590-9495

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Vicarís Verve

Father Mike Tess - Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Sun Prairie, WI

Father Mike Tess

Vicarís verve,
Enero 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New year Good Shepherd! The year 2015 is upon us. 2014 was a very fast year for us, and I donít expect 2015 to slow down much. We have met to suggest a plan to Bishopís committee for how to disperse the capital campaign funds,and how to pay down the mortgage as efficiently and quickly as possible. We are officially off of Diocesan aid, and we completed another successful time and talent auction and a time and talent survey. A third of the interior of the church building has received new paint. These accomplishments would be enough for a full year, but all of this was completed within the last couple of weeks. The painting will proceed for the next several weeks, and when that project is finished, we will be starting with the flooring.

What a cool church we have!!!!! People who visit often comment to me about how they feel the commitment and love of our members. As I reflect on our time together, these are the things I am most proud of. I think when we reflect on the keys to our success, it is centered around the depth of relationship we have established. The difference between a clique and community committed to one another is the central purpose. As long as our central purpose remains spreading Godís love and light and showing genuine concern for each other, we will continue to be used by God and flourish in Godís love. I will be attending a Spanish immersion school from Jan 11 Ė 22 in San Antonio Texas. As we begin the Latino ministry full throttle in 2015, I really need a better facility with the Spanish language. I received a grant from the diocese and from the Latino fund from Grace to cover the flight and tuition. These two weeks will focus specially on language skill and mastering the sacraments in Spanish. Rev. Pat size will be here on Sunday while I am gone, to help welcome the Latino families who will come to the 10 am liturgy for the first time. Rev. Pat was the pastor of the Latino community at Grace for over seven years. This is a great opportunity for us, and these weeks in language school will help me with being accessible to the Latino community and ready to do the sacraments in Spanish.

As we move into our next year together, please accept my deep thanks for all your love, prayer and example of care and concern for me, my family and for each other. I am ready and excited to journey into this next year with you. God bless your Christmas and especially your new year.

Fr. Mike

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